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WhatsApp chases Snapchat: WhatsApp adds Snapchat-style drawing on images

Facebook has been steadily borrowing Snapchat’s hallmark features for many months now, most recently copying Snapchat’s stories feature and introducing it on Instagram.

WhatsApp has brought its new image doodling feature from the beta version of its chat app to the pubic Android release, with iOS support coming soon. The feature, which lets you perform Snapchat-style drawing on top of images and videos you send in WhatsApp, was first introduced in a testing phase back in early September. Alongside doodling, today’s app update also lets users drop emojis and colored text on top of images, front-facing flash support, and a zoom option for video recording.


The Snapchat and Whatsapp race

Now you’ll be able to add overlaid text with multiple colors and fonts, drawings and emojis to photos and videos you shoot or upload with WhatsApp. These allow for better visual communication, where you can add captions, highlight certain things, jazz up scenes with silly doodles or augment them with emoji. Snapchat popularized this style of chat, which can feel more fun, inspired and vivid than messaging with just text or unadorned images.

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