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Samsung Rumor: Galaxy S8 To Come In Both Male And Female Variants

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor: After the fiasco of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is under pressure to impress with the next Galaxy S8.

samsung galaxy s8 rumor

Samsung Note 7

While the device has not been officially launched, rumors were strong months. One of the most interesting rumors about the device that is most likely is the existence of so-called viv AI assistant, intelligent digital drug developed by US IA Viv Labs acquired Motorola last month,

Well, the latest reports not only confirm the rumors but also revealed some new details about the mysterious Galaxy S8 AI assistant.

The Galaxy Team to identify new Samsung trademark applications with the Office of Intellectual Property in the European Union. For starters, the presentation indicates that Samsung has developed a method for payment processing by using voice commands. This technology has the code name Bixby pay, which links directly to Bixby, aka the Galaxy S8 viv AI. Speaking of names, you Bixby is only half the galaxy AI S8, from applications other trademarks indicate that this digital companion to send male and female versions, the latter allegedly called Kestrel.
Samsung has not only filed a trademark request for Kestrel in the European Union but also in his home country of South Korea.

Bixby and Kestrel addition, the document also includes some variations on the name of the elderly by Bix Bix Bix 🙂 – bees and bees. All documents are quite detailed in the context of a typical trademark application, as described Bixby and Kestrel as software designed to control a mobile telephone with voice control and general-purpose software to process voice commands. Of course, all this is just speculation, but it may well be that Kestrel Bixby and the two will send the Galaxy S8.

If that happens, Samsung will be the first technology giant to offer voice assistant classic double sex. Competitors companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have so far decided to give women’s voices to their representatives to move to mark an important step in the industry digital assistant.
In any case, we should know more come Feb. 27, when the Mobile World Congress 2017 is scheduled to begin, as it is when Samsung plans to introduce its latest and greatest smartphone.

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