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The New Levitating Speaker in LG Promises 10 Hours Floating Funk

Of course, we could face a possible nuclear war, the burning of fossil fuels for fun and do not have their guards robots, but in recent years, we have made at least some doubt futuristic thing soar great speakers. LG is the latest manufacturer to be added to this range, shows a new Bluetooth device before CES next month.

Other speakers to rise as UFOs, evil footballs, or clouds. Latest LG is more like the type of devices that are in the hospital, functional white color scheme, the base station and soothing a variety of options to control the speaker even. His withdrawal ensures use electromagnets instead of witches, powerful units that support both omnidirectional speakers, said LG has dual passive radiator technology for “semitone sharp and high range.”

Bas ideally managed by the base station, which acts as a subwoofer. It also serves as a charger: after speaker hanging exhausted their 10 hours of battery life, slow down the charging base, back to the mainland as a small lunar module. The speaker can still play audio while charging, but keep in mind that it will be a little less cold.

LG gave no price or to communicate information to portable speakers levitation, or the company will demonstrate the device at CES next week when the edge of hope to have a hand.

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