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iOS 10.1.1: The Apple’s Latest OS Draining iPhone Batteries

Apple released iOS on 10 September in the most positive reviews, but with the recent release of an update to iOS 10.1.1, something went wrong. An increasing number of users report that their battery does not work properly, and there is no apparent reason.

As reported by, the problem is the speed at which the battery discharges, a battery percentage reading is accurate. For example, a battery with 80 percent of the clear night of remaining residual charge in the morning. Plug covers 30 percent of the reports in a matter of seconds. However, unplug it when you say 100 percent, see figure below 50 percent fall as unlocking the iPhone.

It’s even worse when you are trying to understand when to charge your phone. $ 649.99 iPhone on T-Mobile can sign up 30 percent of the prosecution of the match but then dropped to 1 percent, but with a completely discharged battery.

iOS 10.1.1

iPhone 6 Plus

Discussion on Hackers Forum

The discussion on Hacker News described several cases in question battery occurs with reports about the iPhone 6 $ 549.95 on Amazon are hot and the list of execution using a battery that offers no idea who is behind the massive increase in power. Complete factory adjustments test was carried out, but not to solve the problem.
iOS 10.1.1 launched with cameras bokeh effect on iPhone 7 Plus
There is a possibility that this issue relates to the repair program for the iPhone 6 Apple released earlier this month due to faulty batteries. However, this program is for small series of iPhones, where, as it seems that the bigger the problem, combined with the updated iOS 10.1.1 acts as a trigger.

Apple released two versions of iOS 10.1.1. The first appeared on October 31 as a correction to an inability to see the medical records. Then, on November 9th, in a different version for those who have not yet made the iOS 10.1.1 update. However, Apple has not disclosed any information about this new release is necessary.

All eyes are now on Apple to monitor the problem and propose a solution. I hope it’s fixed before the iPhone batteries start to fail.

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