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How To Download and Save Netflix Movies And Shows To Your Android Phone’s microSD Card

One of the most raved-about features Netflix added to its mobile apps very recently is the ability for people to download movies and TV episodes for offline playback, which is extremely useful especially for those who are always on the go, or whose professions require quite an inordinate amount of traveling

The ability to download content for offline viewing was introduced by Netflix in November last year. Android and iOS device owners could opt to download content onto their smartphone or tablet for viewing later on, and when an Internet connection is not guaranteed to be available.

Netflix updated its Android app and added SD Card support. Within the app, you’ll now find a “Download Location” option which allows you to “control where to save downloaded content.” The two options being internal storage or SD Card.

How To Store Netflix Content On A Phone’s microSD Card

Users will find the new option in the app’s settings menu. Smartphones or tablets with microSD card slots may choose the option. Users whose internal storages are already filled to the brim with pre-existing content are surely going to have a field day with this new feature.

To reiterate: Fire up the updated Netflix app, bring up the sidebar. Tap “App Settings,” which should be located at the nether part of the clickable list, under the stack of content categories. Inside, there will be a “Download Location” option. Tap it, and set as preferred.

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