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Man suspected of stealing 100 million LinkedIn users’ information arrested in Czech Republic

Czech authorities have arrested a man U.S. officials and LinkedIn believe stole personal information about millions of users of the social network for professionals.

Yevgeniy Nikulin, identified by law enforcement officials Wednesday as a Russian citizen, was arrested at a Prague hotel Oct. 5 on charges stemming from the 2012 data breach.

The company cooperated with the FBI to track down the suspect, saying Wednesday that it was thankful for the FBI’s efforts “to locate and capture the parties believed to be responsible for this criminal activity.”

In a statement, the FBI confirmed the arrest of “a Russian citizen suspected of conducting criminal activities targeting U.S. interests,” though the bureau declined to comment further.

Hours after the arrest was made public, the professional networking service LinkedIn suggested that the arrest was tied to a 2012 breach of member information. A spokesman for the U.S. Justice Department declined to confirm that or comment on a possible connection.

Police spokesman Jozef Bocan said the suspect was arrested in a Prague hotel. After the arrest the suspect collapsed, received first aid treatment and was hospitalized, Bocan said.

Another police spokesman, David Schoen, told The Associated Press the arrest took place on Oct. 5 and that police delayed releasing information about it for “tactical” reasons.

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