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Apple To Partner With LG For iPhone 8 3D Camera

The next year’s iPhone, which could be called the iPhone 8 should be a major overhaul regarding design and features, sources close to the case, suggesting a glass body with metal frame and OLED display is likely to be adopted.

Now, a new report from Korea that provides a new clue to the possible feature that should come on the iPhone 8. Korea Economic Daily said Apple and LG signed a production partnership on 3D camera module focused future iPhone models.

Details are rare at the moment, but the source stated that the 3D camera technology is supposed to be used in Apple products “in the second half of next year.” Which is probably a sign that the iPhone 8 could be the model that will come – the next iPhone is expected to launch in the fall as Apple’s typical schedule for release.

If you try to connect the dots, it is logical for Apple. Firstly, this is a hardware association so that Apple should provide software for 3D camera work on the iPhone.

Hardware and Software

iPhone 8

iPhone 7

Cupertino already has software for this project. The company had previously bought an Israeli company image Linx last year by taking control of your camera system also includes an enhanced mapping of 3D depth.

This technology is currently in the latest iPhone, even in portrait mode available on iPhone 7 Plus, but Apple apparently sees the potential to explore the world in 3D.

At the same time, Apple already has several patents propose a 3D future for the iPhone, even if the model next year and would not have a camera, there is a good chance that the future iPhone.

Was it related to Apple’s efforts to integrate augmented reality support the iPhone? It could be, especially since Tim Cook has acknowledged that this is one of the features that are looking at the moment and could make their way into their products in the coming years.

At first glance, the iPhone 8 will be a very significant renovation iPhone line, and actually, makes sense. It’ll mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple has every reason in the world to make it a success.

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