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The Firefly 2 Integrates Technology With The Vaporizer

Over the years, the tobacco industry has been forced to change substantially. Various governmental regulations have put a halt to specific forms of advertising. At the same time, technology has played an integral role in revolutionizing the industry. In this day and age, the mass majority of consumers are familiar with the e-cigarette and vaporizer. Even those that do not vape will be able to identify one of these gadgets. While the e-cigarette relies heavily on technology, there has never been a smarter vaporizer than the Firefly 2.

This high-tech vaporizer provides the user with additional control directly though their smartphone. This device will be explored in greater depth below.

Compact And Customizable

While the Firefly 2 is undeniably the most high-tech vaporizer of this age, it remains very similar to others. The vaporizer is very compact and therefore remains easily portable. In fact, the device can easily fit in your pocket or purse. At the same time, this product is customizable in various ways. The user can easily choose from an array of color schemes. And of course, the temperature settings are completely controllable. The product comes equipped with six present temperature settings.

The user can switch between these settings by utilizing the associated mobile applications.

The Latest USB 3.0 Technology

Another high-tech improvement features in the Firefly 2 is the addition of the USB 3.0 cable. While other vaporizers will take an hour or two to charge, the Firefly 2 can be charged in just 45 minutes. The USB 3.0 connectivity also makes life easier. With this type of cable, the user can easily charge their vaporizer with any conventional smartphone or tablet charger. Even if you’re at a buddy’s place, you’ll easily be able to find a way to charge the Firefly’s battery.

The Associated Mobile App

While the above features are undeniably impressive, nothing is more beneficial than the Firefly 2 app. The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. Therefore, all users should be able to take advantage of it. While the features are slightly limited at this point in time, the mobile app still gives the user a simple and convenient way to adjust the vaporizer’s settings. Through the app, the user will be able to choose from 6 temperature settings. They include 340, 360, 380, 400, and 420 degrees.

This makes it possible for the user to adjust the temperature to better accommodate e liquid or herbs. Also, the user will be able to customize the touch sensor activation from the app. They can also check out the battery life directly from their mobile phone. And finally, the mobile app also comes equipped with a comprehensive information center. Should the user ever run into questions, this segment of the app will get them the answer they need quickly.

A Step In The Right Direction

While the Firefly 2 might not be seen as revolutionary, it is certainly a step in the right direction. E-cigarettes and vaporizers truly correlate well with technology. Therefore, it is almost certain that these devices will continue to grow more advanced and high-tech in the years to come.

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